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SEO Linking Done: 200 New Article Directories Are Now Accessible

Summary: Article directories are fast replacing the application of SEO link directories. During the 1990’s, link directories were the popularity. After some time, article directories are now turning out to be useful with regards to one-way inbound links. Up to date, you can choose from 200 article directories, with no cost!

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Article Directories: Replacing Web Link Directories

Web directories are entering a new level which is really worth all the time you will spent on marketing with articles. I am not referring to link directories here. Their time is now over. This is pertaining to article directories.

Taking a Closer Look At Article Directories.

In order to explain what are article directories, these are sites where people can submit their articles and it will be filed in this databases according to their categories. Types of such websites are goarticles.com and isnare.com. Reprints are detected by these sites. Just before posting your article, it will first be scanned for meaning and quality.

Just about every articles in these directories should have a resource box and the last paragraph should be more knowledge about the author. In the resource box, the author can out various links, as much as he wants.

Today, there are about 200 article directories where you can send out articles and they will be tested with no charge. You can submit articles regarding various topics. You can also get some directories which are available only for particular topics. One and only thing you might want is an article that has good content which I assume you already have.

What are the linking advantages of Article Directories?

Article directories have made linking better with its various benefits. Some are listed below.

1. Sending better website traffic. Once you have sent in your article, click-throughs that will be created on sites that you have posted in your resource box can increase traffic to those sites.

2. Product Launch. Any person who’ll click on your link will be regarded just a visitor. However, once someone has read the information of your article and has visited the link that is found in your resource box, it means that you have trapped his interest and in many ways, he has acquired something you are offering. However, there are readers who did not go through the links still has read your article. Because of this, they have become privy to your products or services.

3. Enabling you to get many relevant links. Same goes with link directories, article directories can also publish relevant links. Different pages which contains your link are classified in various categories. Luckily, directories utilize the title of the article as the title of the webpage so you are be assured that the webpage title where your link is located has the same target keyword.

4. Provides Reprints. There are some article directories which can give you reprints and this is a little something you should benefit from. This is because you can already have a link on your site plus your link will also be demonstrated in the website of any webmaster who will choose to reprint your article. To tell you honestly, only a few article get published due to the inescapable fact that the reprint market is very competitive. From the 200 available directories, less than twelve articles are accessing reprints.

If you have noticed, the advantages which article directories can bring are nearly as good as the ones link directories offer. In fact, it even offers more.

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